Outpouring Ministry Team

Outpouring describes those activities in which we move outside of ourselves and our church and reach out to others, locally and farther away: Food Pantry, Seacoast Family Promise, Ukama. Community breakfasts. Among the responsibilities of this ministry team is the communication of information about Our Church’s Wider Mission, coordination of special offerings, community outreach and interaction, and Association and Conference activities. Annually, they organize the church’s participation in the local Crop Walk (https://www.crophungerwalk.org/). 

The church helps support the Brentwood Food Pantry, which is housed at our church. If you are in need of assistance, please come to the church on Thursdays from 1 – 3pm or contact Linda McLeod at (603) 321-7724 or Reverend Tara at (603) 443-2754. If you would like to donate food, supplies, or monetary donations, there is a box for non-perishables outside our front door. 

Ukama Zimbabwe Partnership  Our church formed a formal partnership with the Gwenzi United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe in 1998, two years after the NH Conference formed a broader partnership and encouraged individual congregations to make smaller, more direct relationships with congregations in Zimbabwe.  We have a long history of relationship with Zimbabwe; the denomination in Zimbabwe was started by Congregational missionaries from New England in November of 1893. Our relationship with Gwenzi has grown since 1998 when we began our dialogue with them, and we mutually agreed to become partners, or “hama” (“family” in the Shona language). Small groups have visited each other over the past few years and the two congregations continue to share letters and support through our pen pal program.

Seacoast Family Promise The mission of SFP is “to empower families with children experiencing homelessness to achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.” Our church is proud to be one of the partner churches for Seacoast Family Promise to help homeless families find stable housing and employment. Originally called the Interfaith Hospitality Network, Seacoast Family Promise provides local homeless families with food and shelter. The congregation supports this by providing and delivering meals. This partnership includes Temple Israel as well as, more recently, some Catholic parishes. For more information, please see https://www.seacoastfamilypromise.org/.