Church History

The site of Pilgrim Church has a long history, rooted in the Congregational Tradition that goes back to Colonial times. The stately white clapboard building dates from 1815 and has been closely tied to the history of Brentwood. For 138 years the lower hall with its charming Colonial décor, provided a worshipful church Sanctuary, while the upper hall became the Brentwood Town Hall where matters of town-wide interest were debated and decided. The town moderator’s gavel rapped the last town meeting to order in 1953. This church and its land shares roots with Christian families in the area meeting at prayer back to 1731. As of 2017, we are listed on the New Hampshire Registry of Historic Properties. 

 Our church as a community of faith is fairly young. In May of 1989, the church family was officially formed by the merger of the Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Kingston, and the Brentwood Congregational Church (UCC). The former was a family church entered in Kingston, which was formed in 1966 as a member of the newly created United Church of Christ. The latter was a group of Brentwood residents carrying on the long term traditions of the Congregational Church. Since the merger we have worked to create a new tradition of serving local Rockingham County communities with members residing in many surrounding communities. Our presence reaches beyond our original core of Brentwood and Kingston. In 1993, the congregation built a large addition that houses administrative offices, classroom space and the Fellowship Hall. This modern facility allows us to better serve a growing, active community of Christian believers.

Historical Photos

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Ministers at Pilgrim United Church of Christ

2017 – Present Reverend Tara Olsen Allen

2015 – 2016 Interim Reverend Linda Snyder (1.5 years)

1996 – 2014  Reverend Kimberly McKerley (18 years)

1995 – 1996 Interim Reverend Gayle Whittemore (1 Year)

1988 – 1995  Reverend Ross Varney (7 years)

1983 – 1987  Reverend Marcia Dorey (4 years)

1979 – 1983  Reverend Gail Reynolds (4 years)

1971 – 1979  Reverend George Fisher (8 years)

1967 – 1970  Reverend Bob Howard (3 years)