We are so excited about hosting our delegate from Zimbabwe in October! Here’s the news (as of June 2018):

We will be meeting with folks from the Exeter Congregational Church in the next few weeks to talk about how to divide the time we have with “our” delegate. Each of us will have Rev. Sozayapi for 4‐5 days, one church hosting at the beginning of the stay and the other church hosting at the end of the stay.
— We are looking at the possibility of doing some shared activities with the Exeter Church during this time.
–Once we have received word that our visitors have been successful in their visa applications, we will be able (through the NH Conference) to purchase airline tickets and medical insurance. We will also then receive a more detailed biography of Rev. Sozayapi so that we can plan activities that are tailored to his interests.
–Some of the suggested activities are: participation in church meetings, choir practice, hospital and/or homebound visits (in addition to a Sunday worship, during which he will take part in the service and probably preach); community visits – walking tour, schools, hospital, farms, businesses, public library; and seasonal activities (remember, this will be in mid‐October) – apple picking, pumpkin carving, etc.
–It was also suggested that each host church consider inviting folks from area churches (partnered and non‐partnered) to a pot luck supper or other opportunity for meeting our visitor.
–Group activities (which happen during the middle of the stay, when our delegate is not with us or Exeter) include a foliage tour of the White Mountains, a visit to Hampton Beach (Curt Springer’s family cottage!), participation at a Global Ministries Fair at the Conference Center, attendance at the NH Conference Annual Meeting, and a visit to and tour of the NH Statehouse.
–It will be a full and busy time!

Financial Support: Thanks to your generosity, we have received funds enough to cover the initial expenses for our hosting experience! There is some money in our Zim account, and we will be able to send that back to Gwenzi Church – a bonus! There may also be a special targeted collection during the Sunday that Rev. Sozayapi worships with us, and we will probably celebrate Ukama Sunday on that day as well.

Opportunities: Please start thinking about how you might like to be involved in this visit. Each church will have the opportunity for transporting our guest, participating in activities, sharing meals, and hosting overnight. All who wish will be involved in some way!