Ministry Team – Spiritual Life of the Church

Deacons The Deacons work closely with the pastor and assist in supporting and maintaining the spiritual health and well-being of the members and friends of the congregation.  They assist in worship by offering prayers, reading scripture and helping with the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism.  Other responsibilities include greeting and getting to know prospective members and helping new members get to know the church better.  The Deacons support programs for outreach and growth. They also work with the Clerk of the church to keep an accurate count of membership numbers. The Deacons work with the Pastor Parish Relations committee and the Music and Arts committee in overseeing the work of the Pastor.

Music & Arts The Music and Arts committee serves to support the pastor and deacons regarding music and arts in worship services. They oversee the hiring of church musicians and to support their ministry, as well as oversee the purchase of music, and the upkeep of instruments.

Christian Faith Formation (CFF) This Board is responsible for providing religious education for youth and adults.  Among their duties are organizing the church school, securing curricula, providing teachers, offering training, promoting and encouraging youth fellowship groups and promoting summer camps. Pilgrim Church CFF’s mission is to learn about God, grow in God’s Love, and show God’s spirit through worship, ministry to the church, and the community.

Pastor Parish Relations This committee is a group within the church which helps support the pastor.  Among the responsibilities of this committee are serving as a communication link between the congregation and the pastor, helping the congregation and pastor deal with conflict, acting as a sounding board for new ideas, monitoring the church’s evaluation of the pastor, making salary recommendations and helping assure that the church honors its commitment to the pastor.