Sill Work: The inspection of the building revealed that the beam-called the sill-directly under the front three sets of doors was rotted so badly that it was nothing but dust and a paper thin wall of wood. The contractor encouraged us to replace it immediately! Luckily, the company had an opening in the schedule, and work began on May 19, just a day after we discussed the matter at our Annual Meeting. The ends of the 6 X 6 beam had been shimmed, allowing the middle to sag. That was a make-shift repair at best!! The work team removed lots of rotten siding and jacked up the church to remove the rotted beam. The guys created a cement platform on which to place the new beam – actually, they put in two new beams, raising the center front of the building about three inches! Then they replaced siding and trim work, and finished the project on Friday, May 30. They did a wonderful job!
Sill Repair Photo gallery
Steeple Work: From the fish weathervane down to the main building, Limerick Steeplejacks have repaired and replaced; they have scraped, painted, shingled and soldered. The fish weathervane is shining happily again! We are grateful for all of their hard work.

While we have a capital repairs reserve fund, it is not sufficient to pay for a job of this magnitude. We will much appreciate any gifts that you are able to make to help pay for this important work on our beloved sanctuary. If you are interested in making a donation towards the work performed, please send it to Pilgrim UCC, 197 Middle Road, Brentwood, NH 03833, noting “steeple repairs” in the memo.
Steeple Repair Photo gallery